Hotel Alla Riviera - Bardolino

Bookings Guarantee and Cancellation

Booking cancellation
It is not possible to book without credit card number as guarantee. The reserved rooms are guaranteed until 8.00 pm. Eventual reservations not guaranteed by credit card will be singularly treated and in similar cases the reservation must have precise check in time and telephone address.

Anticipated Reservation - at least 60 days before
The payment is carried out 60 days before. Before and in case of partial or total cancellation, 50% of the sum is not reimbursed. Requests for variation or change in bookings are authorised only in written.

Cancellation of booking
No penalties for cancellations until 30 days before check in: any cancellation after 7 days before check in will be charged for a night. Anticipated check out: Even if communicated before the foreseen departure, you will be charged for one or more nights depending on the number of days cancelled.

Failing to communicate the cancellation
In case of failed communication of the cancellation, the penalty is the 50% of the total sum of your stay, with the minimal debit per night.
Eventual modifications and annulments of bookings are communicated only in written and if cancellation occurs within consented limits, no penalty will be applied. Confirmation of cancellations from the Direction will have a specific number of cancellation. If the reservation was done on-line, it is then possible to carry out the cancellation on-line.